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Female Lawyers Advocate Family Inclusiveness To Combat Crime
  • Posted: 15/May/2018
  • The Abuja chapter of the International Federation of Women Lawyers FIDA has called on other non governmental organizations in the city to join hands in sensitizing the citizens on the role of family inclusiveness towards combatting crime.

    During an event to mark the 2018 International Day of Families at the weekend, the chairperson of FIDA in Abuja, Ngozi Ikenga, said the group decided to celebrate the event ahead of the scheduled time - May 15 - so as to sensitize the people and awaken their consciousness towards the day.

    She said the United Nations (UN) set aside May 15 of every year to celebrate families because despite the fact that families all over the world have transformed greatly over the past decades in terms of their structure and as a result of global trends and demographic changes, they are still recognized as the basic unit of society.

    “Crime is on the increase because of the economic hardship people face these days and that is why we must have a day like the International Day of Families, for families to tell ourselves that regardless of the economic hardship, they value each other and their togetherness is what matters,” Ikenga said.

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