Posted: 20/Sep/2021

This is to inform the general public and all interested qualified candidates of the immediate commencement of online registration for special tradesmen and women into the Nigerian Army.


Interested Candidates are to: 

  • Apply online at the recruitment portal
  • Log on to above mentioned link using the username and password. 
  • Complete the application form, upload relevant documents, submit online and print a copy. Then, print and complete the Guarantor Form as appropriate. 
  • Ensure you bring with you copies of the application and guarantor forms to the designated state recruitment centres.


All applicants must satisfy the following conditions: 

  • Applicants must be SINGLE AND NIGERIAN CITIZEN by birth, and must possess National Identity Card/NIN or BVN 
  • Applicants must be medically, physically and psychologically fit according to Nigerian Army Standards. 
  • Applicant must be free of any criminal conviction by the court of law. 
  • Applicant must possess a valid birth certificate endorsed by the National Population Commission, Hospital or Local Government Council or Valid age declaration. 
  • Applicants must not be less than 18 years and not more than 22 years for non- tradesmen/women, while tradesmen/women must not be more than 27 years as at commencement of training by 31st January. 2022. 
  • Interested candidates are advised to log on to the NA recruitment website  to complete online registration from 10th September to 26th November 2021 selected candidate will participate in the State Recruitment Screening Exercise scheduled for l 8th-3 r December 2021 
  • Measurement in height at least not less than 1.68 metres and 1.62 metres tall for male and female candidates respectively. 
  • Applicants must possess a valid certificate of state of origin. 
  • Application For Trades Men/women Category Should Be Into Any Of The Following: 
  1. Nigerian Army Engineering Corps: Tilling Works (Twks), Draughtsman (D/Man). Plant Operator Mechanic (POM). POP Designer/Screeding, Land Survey (L/Svy) Electrical/Electronics Technology, Carpentry/Wood Technology, Metal Works, Plumbing, Masonry/Concrete Technology, Painting and Graphics Arts. 
  2. Nigerian Army Signals Corps: Electrical/Electronic Technicians, Phones/Computer hardware Maintenance/Repairers, Computer Operators, Ethical hackers (Cyber Security) and Computing/Computer Forensics Expert, Installation and Maintenance of Audio Conferencing, Installation and Maintenance of Video Conferencing, Design and Installation of Internet Protocol Telephony, Digital Image and Video Processing, Website Management. VSat Installer, Microwave Contras Expert, Rigger.
  3. Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps: Knowledge and Skills in UAV, Drone etc, Computer Web and Application Designer (HTML.CSS), Radio and Telecommunication Engineer/Technicians, Network Administrators (Should be able to manage a Local Area Network and Virtual Private Network). Computer Networking, General IT Knowledge, Computer, Phone and Mobile devices repair and maintenance, Geographic Information System, Cyber security / Ethical hacking, Server Administration. 
  4. Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport: Drivers,  Firemen, Caterers (emphasis on male). 
  5. Nigerian Amy Ordnance Corps: Textile Refiners and Leather Works, Graphic Designers, Spare Part Technicians, Accounting Technicians, Tailor, Textile Technology,  Printing Technology. 
  6. Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps: Vehicle Diesel Mechanics, Vehicle Petrol Mechanics, Fabricators/1'0nel Beaters, Crane Operators, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Technicians, Caterpillar/Excavator Mechanics, Auto Elect, Powertrans Mechanics(gearbox), Vulcanizers (to be trained as combined rec mech/vulcanizers),Electro Medical, Machinist/instruments, Fuel Injector Specialist, Welders, Upholstery techs, Generator/Power Plant Techs, Spray Painting, Hydraulic Mechanics, electronics Technicians. Mechatronies, Brake System specialist, Truck/Heavy duty Veh Meek Office eqpt Lochs, Air condition specialist, Fab/Panel Beater, Lathe/Mill Machinist (Turner), Programmers (Arduino/G Codes), Pncumatics Technician. 
  7. Nigerian Army Medical Corps: Electron Medicals, Radiographers, Occupational Therapy Technicians. Physiotherapy Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians, Nurses, Xray technicians, Dieticians Technicians, Medical Lab Technicians, Health Information Management, Health Service Admin, Optometry Technicians, Morticians, Speech Therapy Technicians, Dental Technicians, Environmental Health Technicians, Electromedical. 
  8. Directorate of Army Physical Training (PT): Archery, Athletics, Basketball, Boxing. Calisthenics, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Judo, Kickboxing, Polo, Shooting, Swimming, Tack wondo, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling.


  • All screening of potential recruits will be conducted at the candidates' respective state of origin.
  • Candidates arc not to bring electronic or recording devices to the venue of the State Recruitment Exercise. 
  • Candidates are to adhere chiefly to protocols which include: regular washing of hands, use of face mask and Observing physical distance.  
  • Any candidate who falsifies or forges his/her results and is discovered even during training at Depot NA would be withdrawn and handed over to the police for prosecution. 
  • Candidates are advised to come with their BVN printout 
  • Candidates are advised in their own interest not to give any form of gratification or inducement to any person or group of persons to assist them in the recruitment exercise.
  • Candidates are advised to carefully read the instruction on the website or call the following support lines if in doubt: 07081271985 and 07041467033
  • Names of shortlisted candidates for screening would  be published for the awareness of all candidates on the NA official website. 
  • Shortlisted candidates are to report to their respective states of origin for the screening exercise from 18th – 31st December, 2021

All documents will be verified from the appropriate issuing authority. 

All those with fake documents will be handed over to the police or prosecution 

Join the Nigerian Army and contribute professionally to the defeat of all adverasaries 

Recruitment form is free 




Major General US Mohammed 

Chief of Administration (Army)

For Chief of Army Staff