NBA Idah Branch Mourns The Deaths Of Kogi Chief Judge & Customary Court President
Posted: 01/Jul/2020

The newly elected Chairman of Idah Branch, Mr. Musa Simon has mourned the painful demise of two great icons in the Kogi State Judiciary, former Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Nasiru Ajanah and Hon. Justice Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga, President of Kogi Customary Court.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Chairman.

“The deaths of two Heads of Courts within an interval of one week in Kogi State is indeed, a monumental loss which has brought severe shock and cold to the Kogi State Judiciary and the entire people of the State. It is very unfortunate and extremely agonizing that we lost two of our very best judicial officers at a time when their services and wealth of experiences are most needed and treasured.” He said.
Furthermore, the statement revealed that the deceased/late Chief Judge was one of the longest serving Chief Judge in the State who had served for about 12 years.

“Having served as the Chief Judge of Kogi State in the administrations of three different Governors of the State from 2008 (when he was appointed in an acting capacity) to 2020, the late Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajanah is arguably one of the longest serving Chief Judges of a State in Nigeria until his demise.”

Similarly, the Chairman stated that the deceased Jurist possessed unique qualities with a sound reasoning in all his judgements.

“The Honourable Justice Nasiru Ajanah was a rare Jurist in whom both the Bar and the Bench was well pleased and unified! He was a simple man, an upright Judge, and an intelligent jurist with amiable and admirable personality. His judgments and rulings are second to none in terms of their uniqueness and perfection.”

Besides, the statement noted that the imprints left behind by the learned Chief Judge would remain indelible.

“The tenacity and determination with which he led the Kogi State Judiciary cannot be forgotten in a hurry by both the Bar and the Bench. History and posterity will be very much kind to him even as we bid him farewell. May God accept his soul.”

In another development however, eulogizing the demised Kogi State Customary Court President, Hon. Justice Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga, he noted that the deceased “was a rare judicial genius who was well admired by all.”

“His easygoing nature, openess and generosity qualified him as one of the most “sought after and treasured Judges” in Kogi State especially by young lawyers. He mentored many Bar men and served his God fervently. He initiated and carried out laudable reforms in the Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal, one of which culminated into the amendment of the Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal Law in 2019, which expanded the jurisdiction of the Court.” He added.

Finally, the Chairman stated that the late Jurist would not be forgotten by virtue of the incorruptible life he led while he was alive.

“The Late Honourable Justice Ibrahim Shaibu Atadoga will be sorely missed for his incorruptibility by both the Bar, the Bench and the entire people of the State. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.” He concluded.

The NigeriaBar recalled that the late Chief Judge of Kogi State died on the 28th day of June, 2020 a week after the Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal President died on Sunday, 21st day of June, 2020.