Adesina Wants NBA Election Cancelled, Akpata Maintains Lead
Posted: 31/Jul/2020

A presidential candidate in the Nigerian Bar Association’s national officers’ election, Dele Adesina, on Thursday described the association’s ongoing national officers’ election as a sham and called on the electoral committee to cancel it.

The call, which came few hours to the end of the ongoing electronic voting, is contained in his petition which he personally signed and addressed to the electoral committee chairman on Thursday.

He alleged in the petition that the voter register used for the election, which is billed to end online at 11pm on Thursday, contained “grave errors” which violated the provisions of the NBA constitution.

As of the time of filing this report, the results of the election monitored on a dedicated online platform which is updated at 15 minutes interval, showed that Adesina was occupying the third position in the three-horse race for the presidential position of the association.

The electoral committee had released a verified voters list of 29,696 verified voters expected to vote electronically from 11pm on Wednesday till 11pm on Thursday.

But Adesina alleged on Thursday alleged that the list “contained grave errors of omission and commission”, including the existence of “names of purported lawyers without branches ascribed to them from Serial Number 25171 to 29635”.

He added that there were names of lawyers “under the subheading ‘International Diaspora’ from Serial Number 12182 to 12268” in “clear violation of the provisions of the Constitution of the NBA”.

He also alleged “inflation  of  the  list  of  some  branches” such as Obollo-Afor  Branch owhich it said had only 39 names  on the  final  list  for  verification, with the number “strangely” increasing to  662  “on  the  Verified List”.

He stated, “I  call  on  you  Mr  Chairman  and  members  of  the  Electoral  Committee  of  the Nigerian  Bar  Association  to  cancel  this  sham  Election.

“It  is  needless  to  say  that if the  process is  bad,  the  product cannot  be  good. Thank you.”