Judge Decries Unnecessary Case Adjournments
Posted: 12/Jun/2019

A judge in the Oyo State judiciary, Bayo Taiwo has warned legal practitioners against unnecessary adjournments of cases, saying the practice has for long been responsible for delay in justice dispensation.
The legal luminary stated this yesterday while speaking at the Faculty of Law Auditorium of the Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, during the maiden edition of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Oyo branch’s 2019 public lecture and dinner themed: “Fair and Speedy Dispensation of Justice, the Role of the Enforcement Agencies, the Judiciary and Legal Practitioners.”
He noted that some lawyers were fond of indirectly increasing the suffering days of their clients in prison while filing application for bail in cases they know are not bailable, instead of allowing their clients to face the trial expeditiously and the case dispensed accordingly.
Taiwo said, “Why are you filling for bail of your client when you know that his case is not bailable? This only adds to his number of days of suffering inside the prison. Don’t file for unnecessary adjournments when you have a serious case at hand.
“Make sure you are smart and genuine in any tactics you are adopting while presenting your cases to the court of law. Always think of your clients and also use or adopt a tactic that will be faster or effective for your client to be out of court.
“As a lawyer, don’t be afraid to tell your client the truth of the matter: if you know that he is guilty, tell him, and also let him know the consequence of his offence so that it will give you ample opportunity to go directly to your case and stop running around for processes that you already know that will not work. If you follow the matter straight forward, this will help the Court to quickly see to the case and quickly attend to it, Justice Taiwo counselled.
Speaking on the series of factors that always hinder fair, speedy dispensation of justice, the Judge said, “the issue of lack of witnesses, congestion of cases, complaints from the law enforcement agencies about logistics during investigations and others, are also jeopardizing the speedy dispensation of justice. I therefore urge the State. And Ministry of Judiciary to employ more lawyers to their department so it will add to the effectiveness of the speedy justice.”