Which Court Can Try Cases Of Bounced/Dud Cheque In Nigeria ?
Posted: 18/Oct/2018

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“Which Court Can Try Cases Of Bounced/Dud Cheque In Nigeria ?”.

It is only a High Court of any of the 36 States in Nigeria and the High Court of The Federal Capital Territory that can entertain and try cases of dud/bounced cheque brought pursuant to Dishonoured Cheques (Offences) Act. Hence, no Customary Court, Area Court, Magistrate Court or Federal High Court has jurisdiction to handles such cases.
However, if an offence of issuance of Bounced/Dud cheque must be brought under any other court apart from a High Court, then such case must be charged under a different legislation other than the Dishonoured Cheque(Offences) Act.

My authorities are sections 1 and 2 of the Dishonoured Cheques (Offences) Act, 1977.


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