LPDC Dismisses Petition Against Olumayowa Owolabi, Says Petitioner, Should Be Standing Trial Instead
Posted: 11/Oct/2018

The Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee has in its directive in a Disciplinary Proceedings against Mr Olumayowa Owolabi held that it is the Petitioner Mr. Lovely Ikponwosa Erhabor that should be facing disciplinary proceedings.

Mr Erhabor had filed and instigated a Petition against his colleague, Mr Owolabi on the basis that he repeatedly applied for a Mareva Order to restrain the movement of his Clients Barges despite the fact that the matter was on appeal.

The committee found that despite the existing order restraining the movement of the Barges from the locations they were attached, Mr Erhabor’s Client moved the barges and he failed to return to the Court to secure a variation/amendment of the order before resorting to self-help but rather threw caution into the wind when during cross-examination he confirmed and justified his clients contract with a 3rd party in defiance of an existing order to further his strategy of frustrating the Order of Hon. Idris J of the Federal High Court.

The Committee held that the applications for Mareva Injunction was lawful and a genuine masterstroke in countering the contrivances of the Petitioner, who had also misled the Court that an appeal had been entered.

The Committee in its directive held that, “the disciplinary process is not for able and competent legal practitioners who use the legal process in a lawful and proper manner” and found that, it is the Petitioner who had ignited disciplinary proceedings against his colleague, who should be standing trial for his brazen display of unethical strategies of frustrating and arresting the judicial process of court through deceits and disobedience of court orders by his client, with his conspicuous and ominous approval.”

By Unini Chioma
Thenigerialawyer News