Promotion Of The Rule Of Law: Paul Usoro’s Reform Manifesto
Posted: 12/Jul/2018

The NBA under my leadership shall 
1. Advocate for and promote the culture of obedience to Court Orders and compliance with the principles of Rule of Law.

2. Monitor, identify and condemn cases of impunity and executive lawlessness in Nigeria and take active steps to ensure the remediation of such impunity.

3. Advocate for access to justice by facilitating pro bono and quality legal defence and representation for certifiably poor and vulnerable persons. As a corollary thereto, re-activate and upgrade the NBA Pro Bono Scheme so as to achieve the objectives for setting up the scheme.

4. Advocate for the respect and protection of human rights of citizens and tackle gender inequalities wherever they exist or are being perpetrated.

5. Develop and advocate for programmes and projects relating to prison decongestion in Nigeria.

6. Launch an NBA Annual Human Rights Report. This would be achieved by monitoring and documenting cases of human rights complaints and violations through NBA human rights committees at NBA branches, the media, and other human rights stakeholders. This would help us determine the frequency (increase or decrease) of human rights abuses in Nigeria.


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