National Institute Legislative and Democratic Studies And INEC 2-Day Summit On Elections Observation in Nigeria.
Posted: 13/Jul/2018

The National Institute Legislative and Democratic Studies National Assemble

The National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), in collaboration with INEC and the European Parliament is organizing a 

2-Day Summit  on Elections Observation in Nigeria. 

The consultation will bring together, INEC, domestic observer-groups, relevant stakeholders, including international development partners, to develop a harmonized and standardized framework for domestic election observation, enhance citizens' observation, form enduring partnerships between INEC and observer groups; promote genuine and credible elections and reinforce the integrity of democratic elections in Nigeria.

Towards a Standardized Approach to Domestic Election Observation in Nigeria.
Formal Opening: 
His Excellency, Sen. (Dr.) Bukola Saraki 
President of the Senate 

Goals and Objectives of the Summit: 
1 Promote a shared understanding between INEC, domestic observers and the relevant stakeholders on the mutual benefits of domestic election observation to INEC, civil society and Nigerian citizens at large; 
2. Improve CSOs understanding of elections observation and its methodology 
3. Develop a protocol on election observation  
4. Discuss pathways to standardizing the methodology and reporting of domestic election observation in Nigeria; 
5. Develop a comprehensive protocol to guide the collaboration and partnerships between INEC and domestic observers, including time lines regarding presentation of reports, knowledge sharing and evaluation of INEC response to reports of domestic election observers; and 
6. Draw relevant international experience, if any, and where it is beneficial. 

Venue: Sheratom Hotels, Abuja
Date: 17th - 18 july 2018
Time: 10:00 am 

MDA's, Development Partners, Political Parties and relevant CSO's are invited to attend. 

Prof. Ladi Hamalai, MFR 
Director-General, National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS)