Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee For 2018 Notice
Posted: 25/Apr/2018


TAKE NOTICE that the below listed petitions would be coming up for hearing on the 7th of May and the 8th  of May 2018 and 23th of May and 24 of May, 2018 at the Court of Appeal Headquarters, Three Arrns Zone, Shehu Shagari Way, Abuja at 10am Prompt

In the event that you fail to attend, the Committee may hear and determine the petition in your absence and make the necessary Orders in accordan. with the provisions of the Legal Practitioners Act. 

Monday 7th May, 2018
For Direction
BB/LPDC/192/16    N.B. A  V Olumayowa Owolabi Esq
 For Ruling 
BB/LPDC/232/17  NBA  V Emmanuel Umeji ESQ

For Adoption of Written Address

BB/LPDC/16/16        NBA    V  Imo Effiong Akpan ESQ
BB/LPDC/179/ 16  - NBA     V   Akhigbemen ehimen ESQ
BB/LPDC/183/16   - NBA     V  Nnamdi Osuji ESQ
BB/LPDC/190/16   - NBA     V  Happy Oviwigho ESQ

For Continuation Of Defence
BB/LLPDC/221/16   NBA  V.  Ebughu Michael Ojiako ESQ & EDWin Okoro ESQ
BB/LPDC/216/16    NBA  V.  Jide Olawepo ESQ

For Defence
BB/LPDC/197/16   NBA   V.  Ademola Balogun Oyewo ESQ

For Cross Examination
BB/LPDC/228/17  NBA  V.  Belluolisa Amechi ESQ


For Continuation Of Defence
BB/LPDC/230/17   NBA  V.  Austin Okwechime ESQ

For Cross Examination
BB/LPDC/228/17  NBA  V. Akinwunmi Ajibola ESQ

For Motion
BB/LPDC/220/16  NBA.  V.   Onyenejasa Esq

For Continuation of Hearing
BB/LPDC/191/16  NBA   V. Dele Ajasa ESQ

BB/LPDC/208/16   NBA  V.  Charles Ezeagu ESQ
BB/LPDC/226/17   NBA  V.  Murtala Baba ESQ
BB/LPDC/227/17   NBA  V. Dr. Osaretin George Izebuwa ESQ
BB/LPDC/231/17   NBA  V. Gbenga Adejokun ESQ

Wednesday 23th May, 2018
For Adoption Of Written Address

BB/LPDC/193/16  NBA  V.  Adetuji Ruufai ESQ
BB/LPDC/195/16  NBA  V.  Nnodu Okeke ESQ
BB/LPDC/198/16  NBA  V.  Nnodu Okeke ESQ
BB/LPDC/206/16  NBA  V.  Christopher Anyanwu ESQ
BB/LPDC/215/16  NBA  V.  Adetunji Oladele ESQ
BB/LPDC/221/16  NBA  V.Ebughu Michael Ojiako & ESQ Edwin Okoro ESQ

For Motions 
BB/LPDC/194/16   NBA  V. Ogungbeje Olukoya Ernest ESQ
BB/LPDC/203/16   NBA  V. Olukoya Ogungbeje ESQ
BB/LPDC/210/16   NBA  V. Olukoya Ogungbeje ESQ

For Continuation of Defence
BB/LPDC/158/14   NBA  V. Obong Ime J. Bassey ESQ

For Defence
BB/LPDC/193/16   NBA  V. Abraham UhunmwanGHO ESQ

For Continuation of Hearing 
BB/LPDC/197/16  NBA  V. Abideen Ajao Yesufa ESQ

Thursday 24TH May, 2018
For Ruling 
BB/LPDC/185/16   NBA V. Joe Abang ESQ

For Continuation of Defence
BB/LPDC/219/16   NBA  V. Chief Chukwunyere Nwabuko ESQ

For Defence
BB/LPDC/178/16  NBA  V. Musaa Tolani ESQ
BB/LPDC/181/16  NBA  V. Adeolu Dada ESQ
BB/LPDC/188/16  NBA  V. Nelson Apaemi Otaji ESQ
BB/LPDC/200/16  NBA  V. Joachim Ohia ESQ

For Hearing
BB/LPDC/209/16  NBA  V. George Obidaso ESQ
BB/LPDC/222/16  NBA  V. EseneArthur Idemudia ESQ

Signed: H.A. Turaki (Mrs)