Chief Justice of Nigeria Directive on NBA Stamp for Lawyers
Posted: 03/Aug/2015


The NBA Stamp for Lawyers was launched on 14 April 2015, by the president and the national executive committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, acting in furtherance of Rule 10 (1) and (2) of the rules of Professional conduct for legal practitioners 2007

The introduction of the new stamps is aimed at providing a means of authenticating all legal documents, processess and letters that are prepared by legal practitioners duly qualified to practice in Nigeria and filed before your courts in respect of any matter permissible by law.

There are two colours of the stamps - Green and Red. The Green stamps will be issued to lawyers who are in private legal practice while the red stamps will be issued to lawyers in practice within the public service of any Government within the federation. The Stamps, which are specially designed to bear the name and enrolment number of each lawyer, will only be issued to verified lawyers, who have paid their Bar practicing fees for the year in review.

The stamps are valid for one year only and shall contain distinctive high quality security features, which should ensure that the courts can easily identify a legal practitioners or law firm through a personalized stamp. Once fully operational, a stamp shall be affixed to all legal processess filed at the registry of any court for such a process to be recognized as duly filed.

In support of this initiative, the judiciary will collaborate with the Bar to ensure that the legal profession is better regulated and all processes filed are duly authenticated, in order to elevate the integrity of the judicial process and enhance monitoring systems.

Consequently, form 01 June 2015, all Heads of Federal and state courts shall establish procedures for the implementatin of the stamp policy and its full utilization within all jurisdictions

Please give this exercise a wide circulation to all judicial officers, the chief Registrars and all schedule supporting staff serving in your courts

Signed: Mahmud Mohammed, GCON
Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman, National Judicial Council