Nigerian Bar Association Notice to All Legal Practitioners
Posted: 10/Jul/2015

The Nigerian Bar Association in the exercise of the powers conferred on her by the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners (RPC), 2007 and the need to ensure strict compliance by legal practitioners in private practice or in any kind of salaried employment hereby notifies all legal practitioners as follows:

1. The Nigerian Bar Association has cleared all back-logs in the production of the personalised adhesive Stamp, approved by the National Executive Committee of the NBA pursuant to Rule 10(1) of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners.

2. The Stamp which will only be issued to verified legal practitioners whose names are on the Roll of lawyers and the database of the NBA (NOT Law Firms) is now produced within seventy-two (72) hours of the receipt of the application.

3. The Stamp will also not be issued to any Legal Practitioner who has not paid his/her Bar Practicing Fee for the current year.

4. The security features in the Stamp will be obvious when it is placed against UV light. The Stamp will disintegrate into four parts when an attempt is made to remove it from any document to which it is adhered. The Stamp will contain each lawyer’s name, Enrolment Number as well as security features. The Stamp comes in two colours: Green for lawyers in private legal practice and Red for lawyers in employment with Ministry of Justice, Ministries, parastatals, agencies, MDAs, banks, corporations, Associations etc.

5. The Nigerian Bar Association will on or before August 1, 2015 publish in the NBA Website and in a book form the List (Annual Practicing List) of legal practitioners who have complied with the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development Programme and who have paid their practicing fees and are, therefore entitled to practice as legal practitioners in 2015.

6. A Legal Practitioner shall not sign documents, pleadings, affidavits, depositions, applications, instruments, agreements, letters, deeds, letters, memoranda, reports, legal opinions or similar documents, or process or file such documents as a legal practitioner, legal officer or adviser of any Governmental department or ministry or any corporation when he/she is in default of payment of his/her Annual Practicing fees.

7. All Legal Practitioners who have paid their Practicing Fee in 2015 should submit a copy of the teller evidencing the payment of their practicing fee to their local Branch of the NBA for the issuance of Practicing Certificate (Licence) to the legal practitioner. NBA Branches are to immediately forward the names together with the tellers to the NBA National Secretariat, 24 Oro-Ago Crescent, Garki II, Abuja. Any Branch of the NBA which is unable to show proof by July 30, 2015 that at least Twenty Five (25) registered members of the Branch have paid their Practicing Fee for the current year shall have her recognition as Branch withdrawn by the National Executive Committee of NBA.

8. Every Legal Practitioner who sets up private legal practice either alone or in association or partnership with another or others shall not later than thirty (30) days after commencement of such legal practice and, if he continues to carry the practice, deliver a Notice to the Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association within whose jurisdiction the law office is situated. The Notice referred to in sub-shall state (a) the name of the legal practitioner; (b) the address where the legal practice is carried on; (c) the date when the legal practitioner was called to the bar in Nigeria; and (d) the date when his name was entered in the Roll of Legal Practitioners in Nigeria.

Please NOTE that the NBA shall ensure strict compliance with this notice.
Dated This 6th Day of July, 2015

Mazi Afam Osigwe
General Secretary