Press Release by the NBA President on the Invasion and Attack on Courts, Judges and Election Petition Tribunal in Ekiti State by Hoodlums
Posted: 27/Sep/2014

The Nigerian Bar Association strongly condemns the brazen and dastardly acts of violence by thugs and hoodlums who attacked The High Court of Justice Complex in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State on Monday September 22, 2014 and followed same up with more acts of violence and brigandage by tearing judicial record books and attacking Judges at the Ekiti State High Court Complex which is also the venue of sitting of the Ekiti State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal on September 25, 2014. 

Reports from our members at Ado Ekiti indicate that Policemen and other security agents present at the Court premises looked the other way while the hoodlums had a field day in disrupting Court proceedings, tearing Court record books even beating up and tearing the clothes of a judge.

The life of our Judges in Ekiti is in grave danger. We must act to protect them from highly placed persons in our society who abuse their positions and privileges to unleash mayhem on Judicial Officers and infrastructure.
These acts are detestable. We condemn these acts of brigandage intended to intimidate and infuse fear in the mind of judicial officers. The persons behind these actions have by their meaningless acts of violence desecrated the Courts which are our temple of justice. We will neither allow these acts of impunity and resort to lawlessness nor will we tolerate the actions of persons whose creed seem to be that might is right. We must stand up to them lest they think that it pays to be murderously violent.

The administration of justice can never thrive in an atmosphere where judicial officers are brazenly attacked and or intimidated in the course of carrying out their lawful duties. The administration of justice can never bow to the whims and caprices of persons who believe that judges must yield to their wishes.

The NBA is sending a high powered investigation team to Ekiti to investigate the facts surrounding this matter. Any person(s) no matter how highly placed found involved in this show of shame and desecration of our Courts will surely face the full force of the law as NBA will ensure prosecution of any such person(s).

We will not sit idly by while persons who do not mean well for our society take steps capable of plunging our country into anarchy.


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